Programming for an orchestra #1 – featuring a Male Chorus

Programming for an orchestra #1 – featuring a Male Chorus

“Singing Men”


Stanford: Songs of the Sea (For Baritone and Male Chorus) – (18′)
Brahms: Alto Rhapsody (For Mezzo and Male Chorus) – (13′)


Strauss – Die Tageszeiten (With a very close orchestration to the Songs of the Sea, adding just an extra clarinet) – (24′)


There are a few works that seldom get performed due to its unusual instrumentation, like having a male chorus.
With this sample program I am trying to feature a male chorus and a medium size orchestra with similar orchestration and incorporating it with high quality pieces of music that the public rarely has the chance to watch live.

The soloists could be further put to use, by adding a few Orchestrated Schubert Lieder (I can think of a few by Liszt that are GORGEOUS) that could be put together by the orchestra with little effort and rehearsal time.

(Base Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 – 4,2,3,1 – percussion – strings)


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