Harnoncourt: A collection of all rehearsals I could find.


“There must never be dogmatism in art; in art only the result counts” (Nikolaus Harnoncourt)


“For me, security and beauty and not compatible. When you seek beauty, you have to forget security, and you have to go to the rim of catastrophe. There you find the beauty. If a musician makes a mistake, a crack, because he risks everything to get the most beautiful thing and he fails, then I thank him for this failure because it is only with this risk you can get the beauty, the real beauty. The real beauty is not available at all. If you seek security, you should make another profession.”

“I’m a little bit afraid of words like “proper form” because I don’t think that there is a “proper form”. Were are always on search; we are never there. And there is no “proper” interpretation of anything. The kiss of the muse is the real property. A mistake can be more inspiring than the “proper” thing.”

 – From BBC3´s Interview (listen to interview here)




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