The Musical Imagery Project

This is a personal project with the aim of creating a new concert experience combining music and photography.

Images have the ability to tell a story of their own, and when combined with music, they have the ability help setting the mood of the piece, help to tell the/a story in programmatic music or establishing locations where some action might take place.

My end goal is to create a successful orchestral concert practice model that is able to effectively bring people to the concert hall that otherwise would not attend one. It is not a replacement to the traditional concert experience.

If with this, we are able to deliver classical music in such a way that these audiences will tell their friends how great it was, buy a record or attend one of the other regular season concerts; we can call it a win!

At the moment I am creating just a stock and you can view some of my best ones at and keep checking my blog for more news.

I am currently working on few specific projects:

Camile Saint-Saëns – Carnival of the animals
Camile Saint-Saëns – Une nuit à Lisbonne
Joaquín Turina – Sinfonia Sevillana
Vianna da Motta – Sinfonia à Patria