The day I met Pope Francis // Vlog_14

This was a nightmare to edit! But I am very happy with the result!


Transcript bellow:

There are three things…

… that must be done after a concert…



#3 to brief the artistic director

and some key elements of the board if the case may be…

Even if you are the music director, that shows that you are a team player.

All the streets are closed

And we are gonna play outside

we are doing three pieces

the first is the overture for the Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)

Le Nozze di Figaro

second: The overture for…

… the Barber of Seville

also a classic!!!!

and Finally…

The Vatican’s Anthem

And yes, I am excited

I am curious to know how…

… what’s gonna happen

if he is gonna stop

if he is not gonna stop…

if he is going to say “Hi” or not

Now I am gonna meet the orchestra

Have lunch…

wait for the mass…

to finish at 1pm

and off we go!!!


Hello internet!

Are you ok?

Say hello to “The Youtube”!

I am sleepy!


I busted my…

I need to use the gopro now

The police just told us we are gonna get…

… in a risk zone??



sound check begins

sound check done


Double Bass player!


Two Helicopters started hovering over us at this point!

Giving us unusable audio from the rest of the performance.

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